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Good afternoon. As we don't have a shop front (yet!), the website is basically the only way for us to show off our bikes. Being small, we can be different, try out new ideas, and develop more specific bikes that fit a niche. This is something I have decided recently, because I think the current 'models' lack something, and don't stand out as much as they could (mainly because they are simple, but nicely presented bikes). We are not quite sure yet how to play this out, but the bikes shown on the website are going to change. We will be selling limited edition bikes, built up to be more specific and stylised. For example, a classic looking French Randonneur is on the horizon, as well as a super simple, stripped back single-speed. 

To start with, we are jumping on the Path Racer style bandwagon, and have just finished building this beauty up today. It's not a fully dedicated Path Racer, as the angles aren't slack enough, but it has that vintage Path Racer vibe going on for sure.

It has been built up with Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres in cream, 5-speed Sturmey Archer hub gears, Brooks Team saddle with copper rivets, Temple Cycles leather carry handle, Velo Orange frame bag, and a selection of fine Temple Cycles componentry. Finished in a glossy, deep navy powder-coat paint, with extra lacquer (Sprayed in the West Country down the road from Temple HQ).

Only 2 of these are going to be made, and this is number 1. You can choose to have a regular brown padded saddle, or no frame bag if required.  Price options as follows:

  • £835 as seen
  • £760 without Brooks saddle
  • subtract £25 if frame bag not required
  • Please contact if you would like it with single-speed

For detailed specs, please contact us, or you can wait for this to be uploaded onto the 'models' section of the website, when more details will be given about the geometry and parts used.


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