Which City Bike Should I Choose?


Navigating the city on two wheels is arguably the best way to get around. We’ve broken down the differences between our favourite town bikes, our Metro, Lightweight and Singlespeed models, to help you choose which one may be best for you.

Words: Tilda Bywater

It’s a well-trod (or pedalled!) rite of passage; moving to a city and quickly realising that cycling is undoubtedly the best way to get around. Besides being one of the cheapest and fastest modes of transport, the benefits to your health and to the planet are numerous. Seeing the city by bike is also a great way to begin to lay out a mental map of your surroundings, and piece together the interconnecting neighbourhoods. It should also go without saying, riding a bike is really fun.


The next step, besides plucking up the courage to take to the roads (read our guide on safe city cycling here), will involve sourcing your steed. This is an important decision, as if you end up with a bike that’s not quite right for you, it could put you off before you’ve even begun. It can be overwhelming navigating second hand sites, not least because it poses the risk of buying a stolen bicycle, or something that ends up needing a whole load of repairs before it can be deemed road-worthy.




At Temple Cycles, we have several options within our range that prove consistently popular with inner-city riders (and for good reason). All are light enough to carry up apartment steps, nippy enough to push you ahead of the traffic, and durable enough to last a lifetime. They’re beautifully designed and comfortable too, with an upright riding position for great visibility when riding through busy city streets. These models also offer decent scope for customising the frames, handlebars and saddles so you can get your new bicycle just right.

Metro Singlespeed in Stone Blue.

Metro Three Speed in Matte Black.


Our new Metro range is ideal for city dwellers looking for a simple, stylish and high quality ride. ⁠A traditional urban bike reimagined for modern living, it’s available in two iterations - Single Speed or Three Speed with hub gears (meaning minimal maintenance). The Metro also benefits from wide tyres that are puncture resistant and extremely durable. ⁠With a double-butted chromoly steel frame, this bike is reassuringly sturdy so you’ll feel safe on the road, yet lightweight enough to carry up apartment steps with ease. ⁠

Classic Lightweight in Lichen Green.


Our Lightweight model is widely-regarded as the perfect all-rounder. People use this bike for a variety of applications from urban commuting to light touring. It’s how a bike should be: light, simple, fun to ride and versatile too, with plenty of gears for hills, all the mounts for mudguards and racks. It also offers an efficient yet comfortable riding position and a timeless aesthetic. We designed it to be your go-to bike for life, giving you the freedom to take it beyond the city roads and out into the rolling countryside should the opportunity arise.

Classic Singlespeed in Dove Grey.


We designed this to be the perfect bike for getting around town with ease. The Singlespeed is the purest, simplest bike in our lineup. It's a pleasure to ride, leaving you feeling connected to the road and at one with the machine. Having only one gear to worry about means you can focus on enjoying the journey, with the added benefit of minimal maintenance and cleaner looks. It can also change with you as your needs evolve, easily accommodating gears should you wish to upgrade down the line.

Both the Lightweight and Singlespeed models benefit from the same base frame, which means you can then change between Singlespeed, Lightweight and Tour just by switching around the components. These frames come in both the Classic style, as well as the Step Through.


Both styles are unisex, though the Step Through can be helpful for those who would struggle with the standover height of the Classic frame, or those who just fancy a more upright riding position. The frames are made of Reynolds 520 double butted steel tubing, making for a comfortable and responsive ride that’s both lightweight and built to last.


If you’d like to learn more about the design of our frames, and why we chose to use Reynolds tubing to make each of our frames, read our journal piece here.



Our frames are painted with a powder coating for longevity, and are available in a handful of core colours. If you fancy something different, that’s no problem, as we can also accommodate custom colour frames for an additional fee.


Next up, you can go to town picking out which handlebars, grips and saddle you’d like. We have plenty to choose from to make your ride unique, as well as clearance for mudguards and wider tyres to take you off the tarmac, and mounts to accommodate any baskets or rear racks.


We also offer a large range of cycling accessories that have been tried and tested by the Temple Team.


Our bikes are designed to stand the test of time, aesthetically and structurally, and to eventually become vintage. Eschewing throwaway and upgrade culture, we offer a lifetime warranty on each frameset we sell. We’ll be there for you to help with any aftercare too, offering a 6 week complimentary check-up on all bike purchases.


Why not visit our London store or Bristol workshop for a test ride. A member of the team will be on-hand to help advise on which model might suit your needs best, as well as their expertise in fitting. If you’d like to discuss a fully custom build, that’s also an option available exclusively from our London store.

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