Future vintage.

Made in small batches.

Released a few times per year.

High-quality, lightweight adventure bikes, destined for decades of exploration. A bicycle crafted from Reynolds steel is not just a means of transport, but a lasting legacy, made to be passed down through generations as a cherished heirloom.




Bikes to take you anywhere. Traversing rough terrain, keeping pace on tarmac, or touring through hills and gravel, these bikes can do it all.


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A gravel bike is a versatile and rugged bicycle designed for a mix of terrains, bridging the gap between road bikes and mountain bikes. Characterised by its durable construction, a gravel bike typically features a lightweight yet robust frame, often made from materials like Reynolds steel for unparalleled strength and longevity. These bikes are distinguished by their tyre clearances, which can accommodate tyres up to 45mm wide, providing enhanced grip and comfort on loose surfaces, gravel paths, and uneven trails. With geometry engineered for stability and comfort over long distances, gravel bikes are equipped with disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all conditions. Ideal for adventure cycling, bikepacking, and commuting, gravel bikes are built to last, offering cyclists the freedom to explore off-road paths, tackle gravel routes, and enjoy smooth rides on paved roads with a single, versatile bike.

  1. Versatility: Gravel bikes are designed to excel on a wide range of surfaces, from paved roads to gravel paths and even light trails. This makes them the perfect choice for riders looking to explore diverse terrains without the need for multiple bikes.
  2. Durability: Constructed with robust materials such as Reynolds steel frames, gravel bikes are built to withstand the rigours of off-road cycling. Their strength ensures longevity and reliability, allowing you to take on challenging adventures with confidence.
  3. Comfort: With geometry that places a premium on stability and comfort over long distances, gravel bikes feature wider tyre clearances up to 45mm. This allows for the use of larger tyres that can absorb road vibrations and provide a smoother ride on rough terrain.
  4. Performance: Gravel bikes are equipped with features such as disc brakes for consistent stopping power in all weather conditions and terrains. Their design balances efficiency and control, offering a responsive ride that doesn't compromise on safety.
  5. Adaptability: The design of gravel bikes supports the addition of various accessories and modifications, such as mudguards, racks, and panniers. This adaptability makes them ideal for bikepacking, touring, and commuting, ensuring you're prepared for any journey.
  6. All-Weather Capabilities: Thanks to their durable build and disc brakes, gravel bikes perform well in all types of weather, making them a reliable choice throughout the year, regardless of conditions.

A touring bike is a type of bicycle specifically designed for long-distance travel and carrying heavier loads, optimized for comfort, stability, and efficiency on paved roads. Unlike gravel bikes, which are built for versatility across various terrains, touring bikes are tailored for smoother, faster rides on roads, making them less ideal for rough terrain. Key characteristics include:

  1. Frame Design: Touring bikes feature a durable frame, often made from materials like Reynolds steel, known for its strength and ability to handle the added weight of luggage without compromising the ride quality.
  2. Tyre Width: They typically have narrower tyres compared to gravel bikes, designed to provide a smooth and efficient ride on paved surfaces. The tyre clearance is carefully balanced to accommodate practical tyre sizes for road touring, ensuring good speed and comfort.
  3. Load Capacity: One of the hallmark features of a touring bike is its ability to carry significant amounts of luggage. Equipped with multiple mounting points, touring bikes can accommodate front and rear racks, panniers, and other accessories, making them ideal for multi-day trips and expeditions where carrying essentials is necessary.
  4. Riding Position: Touring bikes offer a comfortable riding position, with handlebars positioned to reduce strain on the rider's back and shoulders over long distances. This ergonomic setup ensures riders can cover great distances with minimal discomfort.
  5. Gearing: They are equipped with a wide range of gears to tackle various inclines, from steep hills to flat roads, ensuring riders can maintain a comfortable pace regardless of the terrain.
  6. Durability: The emphasis on durability ensures that touring bikes are built to last, capable of enduring the wear and tear of long-distance cycling and the additional strain from carrying heavy loads.

In summary, a touring bike is designed for cyclists looking to embark on long-distance road trips, offering the necessary durability, comfort, and capacity to carry luggage. Its design is optimized for paved roads, providing a smoother and faster ride compared to gravel bikes, but with less emphasis on handling rough, off-road conditions.

Yes certainly. You can classify our gravel and touring bikes as adventure bikes, meaning they are ideal for exploring wherever you're located, be it for a multi-day adventure or a short leisure ride. These bikes are designed to be versatile, dependable and comfortable.

Our gravel bikes are designed with tyre clearances up to 45mm to offer cyclists the flexibility to tackle a wide range of terrains. This generous clearance allows for the fitting of wider tyres, which can provide better traction, stability, and comfort on gravel, rough trails, and paved roads. Whether you're embarking on a long-distance tour or exploring off-the-beaten-path trails, our bikes are equipped to deliver a superior riding experience.

Essentially, bikepacking is the same as touring, however typically a "bikepacking" setup may incorporate smaller bags which are strapped to the frame, handlebars or saddle. "Touring" on the other hand is more traditional and might use pannier racks and bags in order to take more luggage with you. Bikepacking may also involve more off-road riding compared to touring, and due to the limited carrying capcity, be suited to shorter trips. At the end of the day, it's about attaching camping gear, food and other provisions to your bike and heading our for an adventure.

Reynolds steel is a distinguished material known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it a premier choice for bicycle frame construction. This high-grade steel is produced by Reynolds Technology, a company with a rich heritage in the cycling industry, renowned for its innovation and quality since the early 20th century.

Reynolds steel frames are the cornerstone of our gravel and touring bike collection because they offer an unmatched blend of durability, comfort, and performance. Renowned for their ability to absorb road vibrations while maintaining structural integrity, Reynolds steel frames ensure a smoother, more enjoyable ride on any terrain. This makes them an ideal choice for cyclists seeking reliability and quality in their touring and adventure bikes.

Choosing a bike crafted with Reynolds steel means investing in a piece of cycling heritage and a bike that offers a superior balance of performance and longevity, designed to become a future vintage classic.

While road bikes and gravel bikes share some design features, such as the elegant frame silhouette and the classic drop bars, gravel bikes invite you to broaden your horizons beyond the tarmac. They are, in essence, your passport to adventure on two wheels. Imagine a hidden bridleway that beckons you to uncover its secrets or a captivating forest path that promises an escape into the wild. Gravel bikes are crafted to transform these dreams into reality, urging you to embrace the path less travelled with open arms and an adventurous heart.

Beyond the thrill of exploration, gravel bikes stand out for their unparalleled versatility.

Our adventure and touring bikes are crafted with the cyclist's need for durability and versatility in mind. Each bike features a high-quality Reynolds steel frame, renowned for its strength and longevity, ensuring your bike is built to last. With tyre clearances up to 45mm, our bikes are designed to handle a variety of terrains, from rugged gravel paths to smooth roads, making them the perfect companion for your next adventure.

Buying the perfect gravel bike from Temple online is easy. All of our bikes have simple options to chose from and an easy to understand sizing system. For peace of mind, we also offer 30 days returns, test rides and we also make sure our bikes are easily serviceable anywhere in the world, making them an ideal bike for life.

Absolutely. Our gravel and touring bikes are engineered for resilience and functionality, making them perfect for long-distance rides and carrying heavy loads. The robust Reynolds steel frame, combined with tyre clearance up to 45mm, ensures your bike can withstand the challenges of extended tours and adventure rides. Whether you're packing for a weekend getaway or a cross-country expedition, our bikes are designed to support you every mile of the journey.

Maintaining our gravel and touring bikes in top condition is straightforward, thanks to the durability of the Reynolds steel frame and high-quality components. Regular cleaning, along with routine checks and adjustments of the brakes, tyres, and drivetrain, will ensure your bike performs reliably on every ride. We recommend a more thorough service annually or bi-annually, depending on your riding frequency and conditions, to keep your bike running smoothly for years to come.